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Sea Pods - USA MADE




Sea 100 pods now is the best and popular pods on Market.

Update: Sea100 pods changed name to sea pods

1 SEApod contains - 1.0ML with 5% nicotine by weight.
Approximately equivalent to about 1 pack of cigarettes. 

Sea100 Pods Compatible with JUUL

Sea pods Flavors:

  • Sea100 Pods Blueberry = Sea pods Blueberry
  • Sea100 Pods Blueberry Menthol = Sea pods Blueberry menthol
  • Sea100 Pods Mango = Sea pods Mango
  • Sea100 Pods Mint = Sea pods Mint
  • Sea100 Pods Pineapple Lemonade = Sea pods Pineapple Lemonade 
  • Sea100 Pods Raspberry = Sea pods Raspberry
  • Sea100 Pods Raspberry Menthol = Sea pods Raspberry Menthol 
  • Sea100 Pods Strawberry (You want a rich flavor? here is it. Sea100 pods will give you rich flavor and you can extend the pleasure of strawberry taste for whole day) = Sea pods Strawberry
  • Sea100 Pods Strawberry Menthol = Sea pods  Strawberry Menthol
  • Sea100 Pods Watermelon (summertime is coming, This luscious watermelon pods salt Nic will make your mouth and taste juicy! = Sea pods Watermelon
  • Sea Pods Variety Pack Version 1 ( Mango , Pink Lemomade , Strawberry,  Pineapple Lemonade)
  • Sea Pods Variety Pack Version 2 ( Lush Ice , Mango Menthol , Blueberry Menthol , Strawberry Menthol)
  • Sea100 Pods Pink Lemonade (New Flavor) = Sea pods Pink Lemonade
  • Sea100 Pods Lush Ice (new flavor) = Sea pods Lush Ice
  • Sea100 pods Melon Ice (new flavor) = Sea pods Melon Ice
  • Sea100 pods Cotton Candy (new flavor) = Sea pods Cotton Candy
  • Sea100 pods Mango Menthol (new flavor) = Sea pods Mango Menthol
  • Sea100 pods Grape (new flavor) = Sea pods Grape
  • Sea100 pods Apple (new flavor) = Sea pods Apple
    New flavor sea pods lush ice
  • Last Update : New flavor Sea pods Melon Ice , Sea pods Cotton Candy, Sea pods Mango Menthol, Sea pods Grape


Sea100 pods compatible with JUUL now in stock! Cheapest online store

Sea pods compatible with JUUL now in stock! Cheapest online store 

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  • 4
    Menthol Mango & Mint Sea Pods

    Posted by Connor C on Jul 18th 2019

    Don’t get priority shipping if your close to the weekend because you won’t get it till that Monday/Tuesday but besides that the pods were good I got 2 packs 1 menthol mango and 1 mint. The boxes were a little messed up but everything was still good! The menthol mango does not really have any menthol taste but still good asf

  • 5
    Juul pods

    Posted by Angela Douglas on Jul 17th 2019

    These work perfect with my juul and love the variety of flavors. The only issue I had was a couple of them leaked and were empty before I used them.

  • 5
    Exactly what I needed

    Posted by Anna Khazanov on Jul 16th 2019

    Fast shipping

  • 5
    I picked strawberry. It tastes smooth. Love it!!!

    Posted by Jody Sciamanna on Jul 16th 2019

    Love! Love! Love!! Strawberry

  • 5
    Sea100 Pods

    Posted by Steph on Jul 14th 2019

    Love the variety of flavors! Flavor is just perfect, not too subtle or too strong! Have purchased 2 times from this site and will continue to!

  • 5
    Sea pods

    Posted by Brandi Nicole David on Jul 14th 2019

    I really enjoyed the new sea pod I ordered. I really like my Juul and the pods.

  • 3
    everything except pink lemonade sucks

    Posted by bill on Jul 13th 2019

    sea100 mint pods burn super fast. raspberry tastes awful, like a bad walmart candle. don't get me started on mango- they suck too. pink lemonade is good tho.

  • 5
    Sea pods

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 12th 2019

    Love them all except Cotton candy. Most recent order of 7 assorted packs, super fast shipping. Am very happy.

  • 5

    Posted by Mary poppins on Jul 11th 2019

    They came right on time no leaking great value I really like the pineapple lemonade